The UK will relax Coronavirus rules a bit over Christmas.

It would be possible to hold meetings in a wider group, and the travel restrictions would disappear. However, meetings in restaurants and bars, which are part of the UK’s tradition, will be excluded.

Christmas can be spent with the family, although the number of people will be limited anyway. – People from three families will be allowed to meet for five days. The Prime Minister’s Chancellery Michael Gove said this would allow people to organize something resembling a regular Christmas.

The rules differ slightly from UK to UK. In Northern Ireland, for example, it will take a little longer to dilute.

All this is linked to risks, which is why the restrictions will return right after Christmas. However, many experts, including those advising the government, are warning that the holiday could exacerbate the epidemic. Scotland’s first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, and Mark Drakford, head of the Wales regional government, have already called for freedom to exercise in moderation. Edinburgh has already announced that the rules will not be relaxed on Hogmanay or New Years Eve, which is traditionally celebrated lavishly in Scotland.

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