In a text published in Tuesday’s issue of The Times, Johnson wrote that Great Britain was ready to take further steps – after sending 350 soldiers to Poland the day before – to increase its involvement in Europe’s security in response to aggressive actions by Russia. He then indicated the possibility of deploying RAF Typhoon fighters in southeastern Europe and sending warships to the Mediterranean.

Ahead of Johnson’s meeting on Thursday with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, the British government said the talks would cover doubling the number of British troops serving in Estonia as part of NATO’s enhanced forward presence, and deploying more RAF aircraft to form a squadron in the south. Europe, sending a HMS Trent patrol and a Type 45 destroyer to the eastern Mediterranean. So far, it has not been decided which country the planes will be directed to.

The “Times” added that the planes that will patrol the airspace over Romania will fly there from Cyprus, that is, from the Akrotiri Air Base of the Royal Air Force on the island.

British soldiers will leave Ukraine at the end of the week

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There are currently about 130 British soldiers in Ukraine. Deputy Defense Secretary James Hebei reported their withdrawal from Ukraine on Saturday. At the same time, he stressed that all Britons in Ukraine should leave as long as they had the opportunity.

There are about 100 British soldiers in Ukraine as part of Operation Orbital, a permanent program to help train the Ukrainian military. Another 30 were sent in January to train Ukrainians in handling UK-supplied anti-tank guided missile launchers.

– They will all be pulled. Hebey told the BBC on Saturday that there would be no British soldiers in Ukraine if there was a conflict there. “They will leave at the end of the week,” he added.

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