• A bus came from Germany to the border tonight. Activists handed over refugee parcels to organizations protesting against the prevailing situation gives an impression
  • According to reports from the portal, activists from Germany want to allow the safe transportation of migrants into the country by creating humanitarian corridors
  • As previously reported by German media, “there are no considerations about the program for accepting persons from Belarus.”
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Activists came to the vicinity of the Polish-Belarus border to resolutely provide organizations to help refugees and show solidarity with them. One of the goals is also to protest the actions of the Polish authorities and the passive monitoring of events in Germany. One activist, Robin Neugebauer, called on the German government to establish humanitarian corridors at the border. Thanks to them, it will be possible to transport immigrants to German, Without having to apply for asylum in Poland – descriptioneseja.press.

“We have to find solutions to the situation.”

According to journalists, the activists almost left the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. 13- At that time, a group of people in their vicinity put up a sign in Polish and German that read: “We thank the Polish government for protecting Germany and Europe. Keep working.” They arrived in the middle of the night and set off at dawn to provide assistance to the refugees, including power banks, shoes and lamps.

One activist, Lisa Flom, told Eye of the Press that this was not her first work in which she was involved:

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Activists point out that it does not matter if current immigrants are having a harder time than they were a few years ago.

One of the activists who came to Germany from Syria in 2015, where he obtained residency, told Al Bawaba refugees.

Activists may face criminal prosecution

German news channel NTV reported earlier that the activists had applied to the local interior ministry for permission to travel by bus with the migrants. Asked by n-tv about a permit for such a trip, State Department spokesman Steve Alter warned that activists could face criminal action. – There are no considerations about the program for accepting people from Belarus – said Steve Alter, a spokesman for the German Interior Ministry, whom we mentioned on Monday.

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Source: oto.press, Twitter, Onet