The latest ONS estimates point to a record decline in the number of Poles in the UK. Regarding the summit in 2017, their number has already decreased by 206 thousand.

The Office for National Statistics estimates that 815,000 people lived in the United Kingdom in mid-2020. People with Polish citizenship. According to previous research from 2019, an estimated 900,000 people had Polish citizenship.


Since 2014, the number of Polish citizens in the United Kingdom has grown steadily until 2016, then decreased slightly, but at the end of 2017 it reached a record – and nbspONS estimated that there were 1,021 million of them at that time.

Since then, a reversal trend has started, and the biggest decline so far has been the drop recorded between mid-to-end 2018 – & nbspo & nbsp80K.

Estimates for people born in Poland look similar. As of mid-2020, their number was 746,000, while at the end of 2019, it had reached 818,000. However, compared to the peak moment at the end of 2017, it has actually decreased by 176 thousand.

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The number of people holding Polish citizenship is greater than those born in Poland, because the first includes children of Polish citizens who were already born on the territory of Great Britain. In second place, there are also Poles who have acquired British citizenship, but this is a clear minority.

In contrast, among the foreign-born residents of Great Britain, people born in & nbspPoland – & nbsp746 thousand. – & nbspwas in second place. There were more people born in Pakistan, Romania and Ireland.


The decline in the number of Poles living in the United Kingdom is in line with a broader trend. In mid-2020, the number of people in each of the five identified groups was accepted – in 14 old member states of the European Union, in eight member states in Central and Eastern Europe, in 2004, in total in nbsp2004 and in nbspulspublic in & nbspulspulspolpublic of the world

However, when it came to non-British citizenships, their number decreased in the case of the first four of the & nbsptych groups, and only increased – & nbspi & nbspto very little – the last.

In mid-2020, 9.2 million people born abroad were living in the United Kingdom, and the number of people without British citizenship was 6.0 million. This was a straight drop of 246K. I & nbsp231 A. For mid-2019.