Architectural Engineering. These blocks of flats from PRL make a big impression! See their pictures in the gallery…but take a nice look at these blocks. Here are the beautiful, though not conspicuous in beauty, carefully planned estates, with lots of greenery and spaces between houses, atypical, interesting, sometimes on a national or European scale. Do you know where to find them? Click “View gallery”.

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Apartment blocks from the People’s Republic of Poland are impressive!

If we live in it, we complain. Those concrete walls are crooked, those sounds and you can hear what your neighbor is doing in the bathroom. The heat was unbearable in the summer. The apartments are like cabins. How are blocks built in the People’s Republic of Poland.

It’s hard to look at them with nice eyes if you live in them, because we can’t afford a part near town. Or he lives, because years ago an apartment was allotted to his parents – they couldn’t choose a developer and a residential property, as they do now, they took what they found. But there are people who choose to live on a building point on purpose these days.

And deliberately, in one of the seventies or eighties, because, first of all, they see something attractive in their architecture – the rough concrete, the serene form, the large windows and balconies, the greenery, the symmetry – and the space – so often missing in the new suburbs, where Blocks of apartments (the developers prefer to talk about them; apartment buildings, although it is difficult to call them) stand next to each other, so we look at the windows of our neighbors, the dividing walls are made of kartongypsum, plus there are no green spaces around, no services.

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Watch the exhibition(22 pics)

Strange blocks of the People’s Republic of Poland: renovation is necessary, but smart

Secondly – these properties are often located in the center of cities, so we are close to shops, parks, cafes and schools. And third – it happened in the People’s Republic of Poland that an architect might go crazy and design something “crazy”. Such as Kukurydze or Gwiazda in Katowice, Sun Gate in Tychy or Cluster in Gruszczyńskiego in Gliwice.

That is why the prices for apartments in Superjednostka, on the Paderewskiego estate in Katowice or in Kukurydzy are really high. True, many apartment buildings in the People’s Republic of Poland have been damaged and leave a depressing impression.

In addition, they have long lost their monolithic character – everyone replaces the windows with what he wants, paints the balconies differently, and modern and cheap items (such as entrance doors) are added to them during the renovations. Check out our photo gallery. Is your property here? If you think it deserves to be in the gallery of the strangest and most amazing blocks from the People’s Republic of Poland, write in the comments.


Watch the exhibition
(22 pics)

Strange, unusual, the largest – these blocks of apartments from the People’s Republic of Poland make depleted uranium …