An oversized advertisement appeared on the wall of one of the wave columns in Breszymores. Some of our readers are concerned that this interferes with the accuracy of the landscape. However, this is not true – advertising is legal and legal. Therefore, it should be noted once again that the accuracy of the landscape was not intended to eliminate advertising in the city, but only to regulate it.

The aforementioned sign – advertising commemorative banknotes – is in the building on St. Rzeczpospolitej 7a mapClose to Zaspa tram station. Covering a gable wall, since there are no windows on it, it does not make life difficult for the inhabitants of the wave.

However, voices of indignation reached our editorial office. reason? According to readers, these banners should not be in space Gdansk After city council members adopt a landscape resolution.

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Remember: the provisions of the aforementioned law entered into force on April 2, 2018, but set an adjustment period of two years. In other words, all stakeholders still have plenty of time to adapt their advertisements to the new regulations. In practice, this meant getting rid of many large-scale carriers, especially billboards, as well as changing company signage.

Przymorze Banner Legal

Officials explain that the wave-shaped sign does not interfere with the accuracy of the scene. It is not a matter of their whims. In response to our questions, they precisely indicated the conditions that ads similar to those on Przymorze must meet.

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– The sign to which the investigation relates is consistent with the Gdansk Landscaping Resolution. The decision permits the placement of the advertisement on a facade without window openings – with the exception of window openings in stairwells, technical rooms, basements and attics – where there is no object or wall level of another adjacent building and at a height of at least 9 metres, measured from ground level to the height of the lower edge of the eaves at height On which the advertisement is placed – clarifies Magdalena Kielgan, a spokesman for the Roads and Green Spaces Authority in Gdansk.

The officials explained that the purpose of the decision was not a complete ban on advertising, but rather the elimination of such phenomena as shown in the photo.  Until recently, this is how the island in Wrzeszcz looked, looking towards Oliwa.

Officials explained that the purpose of the decision was not a complete ban on advertising, but rather the elimination of such phenomena as shown in the photo. Until recently, this is how the island in Wrzeszcz looked, looking towards Oliwa.

Photo: Krzysztof Koprowski /

The list of requirements is too long

These are not all the requirements that the advertiser must comply with. There are quite a few of them and it is difficult to consider them inaccurate, i.e. giving way to abuse. In addition to the above, the above and any other banner together must meet the following conditions:

  • Just a rectangle.
  • The lower edge of the advertisement must not be less than 3 meters above ground level.
  • Ad display area is up to 60 percent. interface area.
  • The advertisement must comply with the requirement to maintain a protective field with a volume corresponding to at least 10%. The height and width of the facade on which it is located, with the exception of advertising devices made of curved neon lights.
  • The advertisement may not appear less than 50 meters from intersections, railway crossings, bridges, bridges, bridges and tunnels.
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The purpose of the landscape analysis was not to block ads

This once again alerts our readers to an advertisement that they feel is illegal. In the second half of October, we describe new freestanding panels in the magazine. Opolska in Przymurzye. It also turned out to be perfectly legal.

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Briefly, The purpose of introducing a landscape solution was not to completely ban large-scale ads, but to arrange the bases to group them.

Illegal ads disappeared, legal ads appeared

After completely removing illegal ads, new ones began to appear that meet the requirements stipulated in the decision.

– The Landscaping Resolution defines precisely what advertising means and what terms and conditions are allowed in Gdansk. The purpose of the decision is to sort out the ad clutter, not eliminate all ads. Currently, work on amending the decision is not in progress. The document had a positive impact on the city’s image. The effect of decision rules is now almost 100% ranked. city ​​area. Along the roads, more than 95 percent of the buildings have been dismantled. Media that was incompatible with the resolution. Several hundred large media outlets and several thousand small illegal media have disappeared from the city space. Additionally, the content of the decision has been defended in current court proceedings, Kelgan adds.