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Biden responds to Russian hackers attacking Germany and the United States

Hackers distribute decryption keys

Recently, much has been said about the so-called electronic warfare. Poland fell victim to possibly Russian hackers some time agoBut similar incidents also occur in other countries.

Attack on Germany’s banking system

Russia requires censorship from Google

A few days ago, attacks on critical infrastructure and the banking system were observed in Germany. According to the Bild daily, Russian hackers from the “Fantasy Bear” group were supposed to be behind the attack. The Federal Office for Information Security confirmed the fact of the attack. Sanctions against Russia and Belarus are cited as the likely cause, In response, hackers tried to separate Germany from the international banking system Swift.

Atak ransomware and 200 US companies

On Friday, the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency reported ransomware attacks on 200 domestic companies. The attack focused on Kaseya in Florida, a company that develops software for managing IT infrastructure التحتية. After the thread on the ball, the criminals found some customers of the company. The situation is very worrying as Kaseya operates in 10 countries and has 10,000 customers. Out of curiosity, it can be added that the Coop supermarket chain in Sweden may have been an unintended victim of the attacks. As a result of the attack, cash registers in stores stopped working.

Biden responds

The attack was so serious that the US President, Joe Biden, dealt with the matter. He assigned an intelligence agency to investigate whether the attack was linked to the Russian government. He also emphasized that if the current assumptions prove correct, the United States will take appropriate action. At the moment, all suspicions are directed towards the Revell outfit associated with Russia. This group is already known to Americans, in May of this year, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) accused it of another attack on the American company JBS.

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Source: PAP, Polska Times

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