Poland has a rule to accept all refugees from Ukraine and place them in private homes. Never in the past has any country done this to refugees who have reached its borders – as US Ambassador to Poland Mark Brzezinski reported on Al Jazeera.

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Russia invaded Ukraine – report

When I was an ambassador to Sweden, the Swedes were really proud of having successfully accepted and accommodated a million refugees in 20 years. And more than 2.5 million Ukrainians crossed the Polish border in the last month – Brzezinski described.

In his opinion, “It would not be so strange if the Poles, who have been building their positive economic growth for 30 years (excluding one year for the virus), said to the next Ukrainians: We understand your suffering, we see what you are going through but we cannot accept you, because we have just rebuilt our country And we should defend him; but they did just the opposite.

– I am now in Warsaw, where there are 400,000 refugees, and they make up a total of 10 per cent. The population of a country is in no danger of being destabilized at all. And if we take into account that Poland is the economic backbone of Central Europe, then we can see that the destabilization of Poland will immediately affect many countries in the region – argued the diplomat.

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President Zelensky thanked his compatriots for 50 days of resistance against Russia

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Brzezinski admitted that, contrary to the fears of some, when he became an ambassador, he “discovered that this crisis resulted in good cooperation in security affairs, but also in terms of democracy, values ​​and economics, which is important from the point of view of the point of view of Polish-American relations.”

We clearly spoke to the Poles that we are a wall behind them when it comes to safety. We have 10.5 thousand soldiers in Poland, on Polish bases, we have Patriots aimed at protecting Poland and our president (during his visit to Warsaw – editor) made it clear that we will defend every inch of Polish territory, because Poland is a member of NATO – that ambassador was reminded.

– Poland is safe, Poland is safe – Brzezinski said in Polish at the end of the conversation.

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