The meeting between Biden and Vladimir Putin began at 1 p.m. at Villa La Grange in Geneva. After the meeting ends Joe Biden CNNTV reported that he left the house. The White House representative told reporters that the meetings that were officially scheduled for the summit have now ended. It happened earlier, because one round of talks was abandoned (it was initially announced that the summit would take five or six hours). The two leaders are scheduled to appear at separate press conferences.

Biden Putin Summit. The President of Russia spoke first. ‘There was no hostility’

Vladimir was the first to speak at a press conference put it in. He was asked in what context Ukraine was discussed during the meeting with Biden. – The topic of Ukraine was discussed, but I cannot say it in any detail. The President replied: If I understand President Biden correctly, the Minsk Protocols should be the basis for resolving the situation in Ukraine. Russia.

Can you describe the dynamics of the conversation? Are you ready to stop threatening the security of Ukraine, and have you pledged to stop attacking the opposition in Russia? asked a CNN journalist.

There was no hostility at the meeting. In many ways it was necessary, because often our goals do not coincide, but I think that the talks were very constructive, both sides showed a willingness to understand each other

– said the President of Russia. President Russia also said: – We agreed that the Russian ambassador and United States of America They will return to the place of their regular service. It’s a technical issue.

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He added that Biden is “a very balanced conversation partner and a seasoned politician.”

Putin asked about Navalny. “do whatever he wants”

– Mr. President, this question had two parts – noted the journalist, again asking about the attacks on opposition groups inside Russia. “For example, Navalny,” he added.

– I didn’t hear that part of the question. Well, maybe the translator did not translate … – Putin replied with a laugh.

As for our irregular opposition, this citizen [Nawalnego – red.]… the man knew that he was breaking the law in Russia. He had to register as someone who was sentenced to terms. On purpose and consciously, he went abroad for treatment. Once he left the hospital and made his movies online, he was called. He did not attend and ignored the legal summons. He was declared wanted, and he arrived – and he knows it. It looks as if he consciously wants to be stopped. He did what he wanted. What can you talk about here? And as such, he or the systemic opposition, … I will not say anything difficult here: the United States has declared Russia their enemy.

Putin said.

US law includes provisions that state that the United States must support political organizations in our country. It is in your US law. And if Russia is the enemy, what organizations will America support in Russia? Well…maybe not the ones that strengthen the union. This is the goal of the United States. How do we deal with this? I think it is understood that we should be careful about this and act in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation

– added.

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Are you ready to let go of your unpredictability to improve your relationship with the West? asked a reporter at the conference. If they believe something in the West, it does not mean that they are. They believe that Russian foreign policy is unpredictable. And can I reverse the question – is the US exit from the agreement in 2002 completely unnecessary? What was expected? thread! What is supposed to be stable that the coup in Ukraine was supported?! They said “No, there should have been a difficult coup in the country” [Putin zaprzeczył tym samym faktom i nie przyznał, że Rosja anektowała Krym – red.]. And you say we can’t be predicted? “I think we are reacting appropriately to threats,” Putin said.

The exact date of President Biden’s speech is not yet known. On the other hand, CNN reported that the US President and his associates are closely following the press conference and are preparing for a possible rejection of some of the information presented there. Biden intends to respond if any of the US President’s statements about the course of the talks are incorrect.