CRUSSIS Electrobikes sro, a Czech producer of electric bikes and tricycles, with a detailed BTS deck in Prologis Park Prague-Uzice.

CRUSSIS has signed a long-term lease agreement for the entire 21,000 square meters of Building 4B. Thus, the manufacturer joined the thriving Prologis Park Prague-Uzice business community. Real estate agent Marek Sikora brokered the deal.

We are pleased to welcome CRUSSIS to Prologis Park Prague-Uzice. We welcomed the fact that our BTS show convinced the customer that their new warehouse should be built here – he says Anna Juzova, Leasing and Customer Experience Manager Prologis.

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On the roof designed for CRUSSIS, there will be many functions that will increase efficiency and take care of employees. The production area’s high-intensity LED lighting will use motion-sensing systems and daylight to ensure optimum electricity use and comfort in the workplace. The small interior storage room will store the electric batteries that CRUSSIS uses to make its products, and the skylights will allow more natural daylight in, thus improving the welfare of the employees.

In our activity, we focus on innovation, which is why we have set specific requirements for our new space. We are pleased that business at our new facility has already commenced. The solutions that Prologis implement are fully aligned with our needs and we hope this move brings significant benefits to our company and our people – says Petr Výkruta, CEO of CRUSSIS Elektrobikes.

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