The pandemic has contributed to the increasing popularity of remote work, which in turn has led to the need to arrange a comfortable office space in our homes. In the workplace, the main role is played not only by a spacious desk or a comfortable chair. Properly selected lighting is equally important. What should be remembered when choosing lighting fixtures?

author: November 30, 2021 4:00 PM

The sun provides the best light for intense work

Our activity during the day is regulated by the flow of light. Sunlight is ideal in this regard, and additional lighting in the workplace should complement its drawbacks, especially in the fall and winter. In order to get as close to the parameters of natural lighting as possible, it is worth choosing neutral color temperatures that fluctuate around 4000 K. Stimulates and enhances focus.

Light also plays an important role in terms of the state of our eyesight and our well-being. It may seem like all you need to function effectively is a modern laptop and a moment of focus. However, it is equally important to avoid unwanted glare and to provide the appropriate intensity of light, which prevents eye fatigue and reduces focus and efficiency.

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Choose multiple light sources

When choosing lighting for your home office area, you should also pay attention to several light sources. In addition to general lighting, for example in the form of hidden recessed lamps. An example is the Holloe range from AQForm, which will enrich any space with its white or black colors, it is worth focusing on directional lighting directed at the work surface, for example, offices. It can be in the form of adjustable wall lamps, but also functional lamps on rods or suspended luminaires, which, among other things, can be found perfectly in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Choose the appropriate lighting intensity

Each of the duties performed will require a different light intensity. By standards, it should “appear” in the office space min. 500 lux if we are talking about working on the computer. However, it is worth knowing that the intensity must be adjusted according to the tasks being performed. Thus, for example, documents must be separated or copied at least 300 lux, but delicate work, such as the work of jewelers or craftsmen, must be performed with a light intensity of 1,000 lux and more.

LEDs that allow you to adjust the power and, accordingly, adjust the lighting according to the current needs of the user, are an increasingly popular solution. Here, for example, we are talking about smart lamps with an advanced control system.

Remember the balance between daylight and artificial light

Although it is indisputable that daylight has the best effect on our well-being and is one of the sources of motivation to work, unfortunately the sun will not provide us with the right conditions to perform our duties all year round, and often even all year round. day. Therefore, it would be better if the home office area was located not only near the window, but also well lit with the light of the aforementioned neutral color.

Thanks to this, you can successfully use sunlight and extract energy from it, and at the same time not strain your eyesight on rainy days, which will not provide sufficient lighting and reduce the comfort of work. What if the home’s space didn’t allow for a separate office space and the remote worker had to improvise?

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Choose flexible solutions