Bermuda withdraws certificates from Russian oligarchs

Because of the sanctions, Bermuda’s aviation regulator said it could not certify the planes registered in the civil registry because there was no certainty that the Russian planes were being properly and safely maintained.. Therefore, the civil aircraft registry in Bermuda withdraws certificates for Russian machines.

“international Penalties imposed on the aviation sector has had a significant impact on the ability to maintain safety oversight of Russian aircraft included in the Bermuda Aircraft Register,” as stated in the Bermuda Register of Civil Aircraft.

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Bermuda They are an overseas territory dependent on Great Britain. Earlier, as Rzeczpospolita reminds us, the Prime Minister of this island country announced that it would comply with the sanctions imposed by Britain.

The ban on Russian airlines is much simpler than enforcement, but for the machines he owns Russian oligarch It’s even more difficult, as the Washington Post reported a few days ago.

The world’s richest people have many options in the field of aircraft registration – For example, the plane of the Russian Uzbek businessman Alisher Usmanov was registered on the Isle of Man, off the coast of Great Britain. According to Dale Nickerson, a retired private pilot reported in the newspaper, “Bermuda is an option that is especially popular with Russians.” – Jazeera Airways is represented in Moscow, where it announces the “Secret Machine Registration Services”.

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