Breaking acting in Liverpool turned out to be a great time Musiaovski to show off his skills. The 17-year-old footballer was called to coach the first team, as he distinguished – according to “The Athletic” – in his abilities. love On the field. This was an experienced, among others, defensive midfielder Fabinho from whom the Polish got the ball without any major obstacles.

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We don’t have many fearless players on the field who can dribble between two or three opponents. He’s not the kind of player the Poles are used to. It simply delights – adds Souchinsky, the British scouts.

Jurgen Klopp was pleased with Musyajowski’s position. “Well done!”

Liverpool have dubbed the soccer player “Polish Messi” for a reason. According to accounts, Musiałowski’s playing style resembled an Argentine. The coach of the first team himself, Juergen Klopp, was pleased with the match of the 17-year-old. – Well done! Repeat the German over and over. “You could say that such a title would put a burden on a young footballer. But since joining Liverpool, he seems to be unwavering,” he praised the young star “Athletic”.

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All professional football players, as well as those who watch youth matches, have already heard of it. He was known to be a talented and unique player. But few people in Poland had the idea that such a player existed. It was a big surprise to them when they saw a video of his target on Liverpool’s Twitter. They didn’t know about it. Now they know – Przymek Suchinsky adds.

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In the near future, Matthews Musiaowski will return to Liverpool U-18, who will face Manchester United on Saturday in the FA Youth Cup. The striker on Mark Bridge Wilkinson’s team played 16 matches, scored seven goals and scored two goals. Musiałowski joined Liverpool in August 2020 on a permanent transfer. According to “Football Insider”, UKS received a six-figure payout for his accusation. The footballer was also interested in the academies of Manchester City, Borussia Dortmund and Ajax Amsterdam.