Kaciaryna Barysiewicz, a journalist at Tut.by, will spend six months in jail, and must also pay a fine of 2,900 rubles, which is roughly 4,200 zlotys. Archium Sarokin, the doctor who provided Barysevich with information on this topic To hit, He was also convicted. It was suspended for two years. The doctor also has to pay a fine of 1,450 rubles, which is about 2,100 zlotys.

Kaciaryna Barysiewicz was found guilty of disclosure of information

The public prosecutor accused the woman of encouraging the paramedic to reveal a medical secret. The doctor agreed and transferred the information. Barysiewicz was supposed to do this by “electrotechnical means (…) by means of requests and persuasion.” The journalist had to realize that she was breaking the law. Prosecutor’s Office She emphasized that the disclosure of information about the patient’s health was made without his consent. Earlier, the Prosecutor’s Office stated that the information published by Barysiewicz and FactIt contradicted the official comments of the state authorities, and caused “a social resonance and created an atmosphere of distrust in the competent services” – the portal reported belsat.eu.

Press organizations condemn the verdict of journalists in Belarus

The journalist revealed information in the case of killing an activist

The journalist was sentenced to prison for divulging information about the case the kill Raman Activist BandarinkiWho died on November 12, 2020 in hospital from his wounds. The square, known as Change Square, was attacked by “unknown perpetrators” who were most likely plainclothes officers. It is also possible that the attackers were people from Alexander’s immediate neighborhood Lukashenka. The authorities said that there was a “live fight” in the square and that Bandarinka was under the influence of alcohol. Barysiewicz managed to gain access to Sarokin and thanks to information from him, she exposed the lie of the authorities.

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According to Tut.by editor, Maryna Zołatawa, the punishment is not fair. The only fair judgment is complete innocence. That is the only thing we have to hear in this court. Zutawa said none of them had committed a crime. She herself, along with dozens of other journalists, was allegedly convicted of illegal access to paid content for Belta. It is believed that this was an excuse to justify the suppression of the independent media.

`` The Lukashenka system is based on people who do not feel the need to know and understand that you cannot live in crap.  You can't convince them in an instant. ''The regime is afraid of “alpha males” because only one person can be

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