In 2014, the BBC decided to BBC Three From TV antenna to the Internet Due to the fact that the main group of its recipients has changed its habits and abandoned traditional television in favor of watching content on the Internet. As of 2016, BBC Three was offered as a video-on-demand service.

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BBC Three Buraka

The sender’s decision turned out to be a mistake. He made savings, but the number of beneficiaries of the channel on the Internet decreased from year to year. Accordingly, the BBC decided to return BBC 3 to traditional television broadcasting.

Now the BBC has confirmed it The channel will officially launch on February 1, 2022 on Freeview, Sky, Virgin and Freesat . channels. It will also be available on iPlayer. BBC Three will start broadcasting daily at 7pm.

BBC Three is for people between the ages of 16 and 34. According to the announcement, it will provide news, movies, series and entertainment programs to younger viewers who do not watch such content on streaming platforms, including due to low incomes and poor internet connections in rural areas. On the air of the new channel As much as 75 percent of the content will be shown for the first time, and it is produced to meet the needs of UK viewers.

In the announcement, Fiona Campbell, head of BBC Three, pledged that “BBC 3 will offer drama, comedy, entertainment, documentaries, news and sports”. The screening will include the premiere of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race: UK Versus’ along with other titles to be announced soon.

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BBC Three will host football first Both the Africa Cup of Nations semi-finals and the Africa Cup of Nations finals are broadcast on free TV. Jermaine Jenas will be broadcasting, and viewers will be able to follow the matches live from the moment the match begins, when the channel begins broadcasting from 19:00. For full coverage of the match, including the setting, viewers can choose to watch live from 6:30 p.m. on BBC Three’s iPlayer.

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