Countdown star Susie Dent has released her new book – Word Perfect – with typos.

The TV star’s publisher, John Murray Press, was forced to apologize for accidentally printing early versions of the book.

“We deeply regret that due to a typographical error, early versions of Word Perfect are not word-perfect,” he wrote on Twitter.

Dent, 55, who has appeared in the countdown’s dictionary corner since 1992, said she could “attest to the effectiveness of lalochezia: the use of insults to relieve stress and frustration” after the incident.

She described the error as “the hype of printing a book”, thanked her fans for their understanding and said that anyone with a copy full of typos could request a replacement.

Dent is a lexicographer – someone who writes and edits dictionaries – and Word Perfect is a collection of stories based on a different word for each day of the year.

Its publisher called it a “brilliant linguistic calendar” and explains the meaning of words like “snaccident” – accidentally eating an entire pack of biscuits.

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