Battlefield is one of the most popular first-person shooter games of the past several years. Almost every year, players can play more and more parts of the series. They did better or worse. This time Electronic Arts put a lot of effort into promoting the latest release, Battlefield 2042. It was clear that the marketing activities were at a high level, and the game-related elements appeared even in CS: GO. But it seems that the game did not live up to expectations.

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Crap ratings for the game on Metacritic

To check it out, just take a look at the Metacritic portal, which is the most popular when it comes to ratings from both critics and casual players. The first group is not very strict. Despite the negative opinions, there will also be opinions praising DICE’s latest production. However, Battlefield 2042 receives much worse marks from the players.

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They accuse the title of the same thing that appeared during the Battlefield 2042 beta, which happened a few weeks ago. Players are complaining about the game not being optimized properly. According to many of them, it is simply not playable. Moreover, not many people like the aforementioned mass production marketing, according to which Battlefield 2042 was destined to be one of the greatest successes of recent years. It’s one of the biggest disappointments so far, according to opinion, and on Metacritic it currently has an average rating of 2.4 among players.

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Multiplayer offers no innovations?

Battlefield 2042 itself does not have a single player mode. It’s also an interesting solution, although not surprising, considering that in the past the series has been praised primarily for its multiplayer mode. However, this time, Multiplayer uses too many proven solutions, which, along with several bugs, look like a reheated, unoptimized piece.

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