The Swedes are counting down the awesome Battlefield 2042 premiere, so we can catch another trailer introducing the gameplay from the DICE shooter. The creators, thanks to NVIDIA, show the game spoiled by the latest technology.

Battlefield 2042 will debut on two generations of consoles and PC, but we can be sure that PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | Only S and PC will get the best production version. The creators emphasized the significant differences in the game on different devices – only on the most powerful platforms will we get, among other things, larger clashes and giant maps.

NVIDIA collaborated with DICE on the development of Battlefield 2042, So owners of RTX series graphics cards can count on NVIDIA Reflex and NVIDIA DLSS support, among other things. Both technologies are sure to help gamers experience production at its best — especially considering that NVIDIA Reflex will reduce latency, which could make a huge difference in high stakes games.

In recent days, we can’t complain about the lack of material from the latest Battlefield release – The developers provided giant mapsAnd Amazing trailer And New specialists.