Barn Find Hunter is a show hosted by Tom Cotter that “finds” forgotten classics. Vehicles are usually left alone, not fired, and are often in poor condition. We can see in the program interesting and rare cars, for example the 1928 Ford Model A Roadster, which Cotter discovered in Great Britain, or the Shelby GT 500 from San Diego, California, but the 20th episode of the series is different. This time, the author of the program searched for motorcycles.

Barn Find Hunter finally goes to Steve Davis. Cotter combines busy garages and dusty collectors’ warehouses to show viewers a galaxy of former two-wheeled stars, impressive relics from decades ago. Whether it’s a CT Honda miniature motorcycle, Yamaha’s SC motorcycle, or the exceptional Hercules W-2000 motorcycle, the Davis range is packed with treasures, myths and motorbike characteristics.

The collector from North Carolina never stops at nearly full motorcycles. One of Davis’ hangars is filled to the roof with exhaust systems and cylinder piles and heads for Japanese motorcycles from the 1970s.

To some, this dusty, rusty and ramshackle kit stored in decomposed sheds may seem frustrating, but to others it may be the environment to keep old bikes antiquated to perfection. Whatever your point of view, Davis’ efforts are remarkable, but there are no classics like Vincent Rapid or the Velocet Venom among the treasures. It is only found in the second place visited by Barn Find Hunter.

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The second group belongs to a Briton who collects rare British motorcycles. Gems like the Velocette Venom Thruxton, Norton Dominator, Vincent Rapide, Triumph Bonneville, and the BSA 650 Road Rocket factory in a Goldstar frame look beautiful because, unlike Davis’ extensive collection, the second collector’s stable is masterfully trimmed and maintained.

nice watch. By the way, what do you prefer? Collect as many bikes as possible, not necessarily well presented and maintained, or just a few that you can take care of and keep in perfect condition?