Who can benefit from the program?

Andersa NAWA is a scholarship program aimed at young people from the Polish community abroad who are interested in studying in Polish universities, on a full-time basis, in the Polish language.

New in recruitment for this year is the expansion of the pool of qualified applicants. Until now, people of notarized Polish ancestry or a Polish card can apply to participate in the program.

This year, admission to first-cycle studies or standardized master’s studies may also be registered by persons of Polish citizenship and the nationality of another country, who have completed their entire education at the secondary school level outside Poland.

What does Anders NAWA offer?

The program offers a monthly scholarship from PLN 1,250 to PLN 1,700, depending on the level of education.

Studies may be preceded by a one-year preparatory course of studies in Poland (also on scholarship terms). The aim of the preparatory course is to deepen the knowledge of the Polish language and to know specific topics related to the course of future studies.

Participation in the Anders NAWA Program for Polish Youth is a symbolic return to their homeland, and an opportunity to learn about the culture and history of Poland.

Reviews of scholarship recipients in previous editions

The scholarship as part of General Anders allows me to focus completely on extracurricular learning and development. I do not have to divide my time between study and work, thanks to which I can explore my interests, improve chosen competencies or participate in different types of volunteering. Nor do I have to worry about the basic necessities of life, which simply give me great psychological relief This is how Marta Faustyna Chmielewska, a Lithuanian scholarship recipient, comments on participating in the program.

Youliya Zhitukhina chose Jagiellonian University as the place of study. He comes from Kazakhstan and believes in that Thanks to General Anders’ program, Poles from all over the world have a chance to return to their homeland. Study, work, travel and achieve dreams. And all this at home, in Poland!

For Janaina Faganello from Brazil, participating in the program was a family tradition and an inspiration to apply for studies in Poland. Her siblings also used the program: My sister and brother, who both studied and obtained a master’s degree in the same program, were and remain my greatest support. Poland not only provided them with higher education, but also job opportunities for them to build a successful career. They are a great inspiration to me, and just like them, I follow this wonderful and wonderful path thanks to the opportunity that Poland has given us through the program. General Anders.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the stories and other opinions of scholarship holders in previous versions of the program. General Anders Here.

Date and terms of recruitment

Villages can be submitted for employment for this year until May 18, 2021 in the NAWA ICT system – Apply.

We encourage you to participate!