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WhatsApp is testing a new feature that allows you to transfer chat files between iPhone and Android. This can be done in informal ways, but the process includes losing photos and videos as well as some chats. Additionally, it is against the caller’s regulations.

Developers have been developing WhatsApp features for a long time in order to better use the messaging software on multiple devices at the same time. The company is also working to standardize messaging capabilities across all platforms. It was launched recently Voice and video calling function From desktop computers. However, integration between devices is still terrible. WhatsApp messenger does not contain basic functions.

However, developing the functionality for safe and reliable transfer of call archives between devices is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time, but it will drastically change the way you use WhatsApp. At the moment, the creators are talking about the possibility of transferring files between Android and iOS devices.

Transfer WhatsApp conversations from iOS to Android and vice versa – you won’t be without problems

Before connecting devices with different operating systems, the user will need to update WhatsApp. For both Android and iOS. Currently, to check the feature’s functionality, you need to download a trial version of TestFlight. Failure to do so might cause an error while uploading files. Currently, it is not known when we can expect to introduce this feature in the official version of the app.