This is sad news for all Rafael Nadal fans. The famous Spaniard lost to an abdominal muscle injury and decided to withdraw from the Grand Slam Wimbledon.

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Rafael Nadal

PAP / EPA / KIERAN GALVIN / Pictured: Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal retired from Wimbledon ahead of Friday’s semi-final match with a tear in his stomach. Thus, Australian Nick Kyrgios advanced without having to play in the Grand Slam final in London.

Unfortunately, I am here because I have to withdraw from the tournament due to a tear in my abdominal muscles. I thought all day about this decision. I am unable to make a simple service move – Nadal reported during a specially held press conference.

– I made this decision because I feel that because of this injury I would not have won two more games here. I do it out of respect for myself. I don’t want to go out to court and not be competitive enough. It may not be a long-term injury. I expect that in about a week I will be able to return to training – sadly added.

The famous tennis player’s decision, however, is a small surprise. Mark told noon Thursday that Rafa, despite his injuries, will try to rival Kyrgios (more here).

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Medical examinations showed that one of the abdominal muscles was torn 7 mm long, but the Spanish tennis star appeared on the court for training Thursday.

Practice for 40 minutes. It was a simple start, with no elements of serving style, which, due to a traumatic injury, is causing him the biggest problems at the moment.

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Championship, London (UK)
Grand Slam grass field total prize money 40.35 million pounds
Friday July 8

Singles semi-finals:

Nick Kyrgios (Australia) – Rafael Nadal (Spain, 2) lost

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