In the corridor of the Tryton Business House office building in Gdansk you can see a new exhibition entitled “Spaces”. The author of the works is talented Tri-City artist Agnieszka Wielewska. This is another joint project of the owner and manager of the office building, Globalworth, and Project Art, thanks to which the facility’s employees and Gdansk residents can see art in the public space.

A corridor in the Tryton Business House office building in Gdask on Jana z Kolna11 Street once again turned into an open art gallery. This time, you can enjoy the work of Agnieszka Wielewska, which, apart from its unconventional nature, also distinguishes itself through the process of creating glaze on canvas in a labor-intensive and time-consuming style. It consists of gradually placing semi-transparent layers of paint on top of each other until the image becomes luminous. That is why all of them are painted even for several months.

For a long time I had intended to display my work in public. I want to reach a spontaneous recipient with them, the kind that I will surprise him with my presence, I will stand in their way at the moment they least expect It’s also an opportunity for me to make new connections with those recipients who don’t always have time to visit art galleries – he says Agnieszka WielewskaArtist, author of works at the Tryton Business House exhibit.

Agnieszka Wielewska, despite her young age, already achieved great artistic achievements. She has been awarded many scholarships, including. Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Marshall Voivode Pomeranian, City of Gdask and Henry JT Doren, as well as awards of the Society of Fine Arts Friends of Krakow and privileges of the Zofia Weiss Gallery in Krakow. She graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and studied art history at Jagiellonian University. In addition to drawing, he also deals with posters, website design, and cinematic animation. In 2018, she was awarded the Gdask Theater Prize for the specific design of the play “I Don’t Believe in Death” and was awarded the Jerzy Muskal Theater Design Award.

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Project ART is a drawing fan duo made up of two artists: Iwona Ostrowska and Arkadiusz Świderski. For 6 years they have been involved in promoting art by organizing exhibitions in public places, such as shopping malls, office buildings and hallways.

Tryton Business House is a modern office building of 25,500 sq.m. Offices and service areas. The property is located in one of the most popular places in Gdask, near the shipyard in Gdask and the European Solidarity Center. The facility consists of 2 6-storey buildings and a dominant 11-storey building, connected by covered walkways that allow communication without leaving the house. The office building contains an underground car park with 262 parking spaces and infrastructure for cyclists: covered bicycle platforms and changing rooms with shower. BREEAM certificate of excellent level confirms the green nature of investment

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