Android Auto will get two important novelties in the near future. One of them is the long-awaited Dual SIM service, thanks to which drivers will finally be able to make any calls freely. Currently, Android Auto can’t handle it.

It’s hard to believe that dual SIM is supported in Android Auto It’s still not available, but may change any day soon. Users of the trial version of the program They turned their attention to redditThey can already choose between the two SIM cards installed in the smartphone. Thanks to this, calls can be made via Android Auto from either of the two numbers working on the phone.

So far, dual SIM support in Android Auto has been consistently ignored by developers. Moreover, in some cases it was necessary to select the default SIM in the phone in order for Android Auto to make calls at all. If the user prefers to call the number he wants to make a call on his smartphone every time, Android Auto will not be able to handle calling even one number.

Android Auto Dual SIM support
Image source: © Reddit | abhi050291

Android Auto Dual SIM support

Android Automotive will satisfy skeptics.  Login is not necessary

Android Automotive will satisfy skeptics. Login is not necessary

Easier access to music

Another new feature in Android Auto will be an additional button on the main interface bar, at the bottom edge of the screen. Google decided to add a shortcut here to enable suggested music. Android Auto suggests not only songs but also podcasts from several installed apps.

New button in Android Auto interface
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New button in Android Auto interface

Interestingly, there is another novelty that will soon become a “new button to facilitate the search for music”. After pressing it, the driver will be able to select the artist or song he wants to listen to, and Android Auto will start playing it in one of the selected applications.


Currently, you can talk to Google Assistant, for example, to play a specific artist in Spotify, but this feature doesn’t always work flawlessly. Depending on the form of speech, the system sometimes thinks that the driver is looking for information about the artist on the Internet, and not playing a song.

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