According to the commentator, the Summit for Democracy should not be expected to produce tangible results – it is more about symbolism. He adds, however, that Hungary’s omission is significant, because in doing so the US government directs a “ray of light” to the country where Orbán is dismantling democracy.

From the point of view of the Hungarian prime minister, this decision came at an “inappropriate moment,” Visser notes. Next year, parliamentary elections will be held in Hungary, in which Orbán may fail, despite “careful preparations”.

Pfizer writes that the exclusion from the top is a “blow” to the “business model” that has so far earned Orbán points from his supporters. The author explains that the Hungarian Prime Minister, thanks to his intelligence, made his country play a greater international role than would result from its size and economic potential.

By pursuing a policy of “calculated destruction” in the EU, Orbán achieved a lot and offered Russia and China to represent their interests. His politics reached its climax during the tenure of Donald Trump.

Now Orban will not be at the table, while other leaders, whose democratic credibility has never been better, will be among the summit participants. Thus, the geopolitical value of Orban will be diminished – Phaser summarizes in a commentary in “FAZ”.

In a separate correspondence from Brussels, VAZ reported the Hungarian representative’s protest against Washington’s decision. Tibor Stilbasic – The “Urban man in Brussels” accused the EU of “dividing the union” and lamented the lack of support from the partners. “Other ambassadors did not speak,” we read in “FAZ”.

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As part of the rematch, Hungary announced that it would block the EU’s common position, meaning that the EU would not be able to issue a joint statement at the summit.

The Polish editorial office of Deutsche Welle