The Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw invites you to an exhibition dedicated to the person and activity of Jan Szpakovi, one of the most interesting figures of Polish architecture of the twentieth century.

The exhibition titled “Jan Szpakowicz. Elementary Space” is the premiere of the designs and accomplishments of an architect whose multi-dimensional work remains almost completely unknown in Poland. As we can read on the website of the Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw, the aim of the exhibition is to present and popularize the work of the distinguished architect who, thanks to his unique original design language, broadened the boundaries of architecture, connecting the distant worlds of mathematics and arts.

The exhibition itself is a spatial extension of the artist’s practical and theoretical deliberations about unity and solids and their spatial interrelationships. It took the form of the installation designed by Łukasz Wojciechowski – architect and researcher in the works of Szpakowicz, engineer and researcher, Alexandra Kzubkevich. Within the installation, models of completed buildings are provided by Szpakowicz.

The exhibition will open from February 5 to May 30, 2021. It will be accompanied by a program of events introducing the architect’s personality and work.

The project is funded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage under the VISUAL ARTS 2020 program.

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