On January 8, all 115 residents of Solms retirement home in the federal state of Hesse received the first dose of the Coronavirus vaccine, and a large proportion of the nursing staff were vaccinated. After 16 days, the first case of coronavirus was detected at the facility.

A wave of infections despite vaccination

In total, 51 people were diagnosed with injuries there, including 32 residents and 19 employees, according to the “Giessener Allgemeine Zeitung” newspaper.

According to Peter Mueller, a spokesman for the company that runs the facility, 27 of the 32 affected residents and 6 of 19 infected workers had previously received the first dose of the vaccine. According to the portal Mittelhessen.de, a Pfizer / BioNTech preparation was used for immunization. So far, all of the injured are fine (…), no one has had to go to the hospital – confirms Mueller.

Cases of infection were noted shortly before the second dose was administered to an individual. After that, all residents and caretakers of the house were examined.

Mild course of the disease

The entire affected population is around 80 years old. The fact that these people do not have a very serious course of the disease, which is more common in the elderly, may be a positive result of the first dose.

The facility manager asked the local Ministry of Health to test virus samples for coronavirus variants.

There have been no new cases of coronavirus at the Solms retirement home since January 26.

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