American-style kitchens are gaining more and more popularity not only in Polish homes but in European homes. Its originality and modernity attract attention and make it an inspiration for contemporary interior arrangements. American kitchens are distinguished by spaciousness, comfort and unmistakable style, part of which are large kitchen islands, thanks to which the kitchen becomes very comfortable and spacious. While watching American series, it probably caught your attention more than once. It is not said that they should only be in richer homes. Everyone deserves comfort and unmistakable elegance, so it is worth arranging an American-style kitchen. Feel the atmosphere of the American kitchen in your home and enjoy the space with the whole family.

What distinguishes American-style kitchens?

The American dream is a dream of many people, which you can achieve in part by arranging a dream kitchen in the American style. This kitchen is spacious, often with light-colored furniture alongside a classic-style stainless steel freestanding stove (with burners, not induction). The furniture is made of natural wood in a minimalist style, lightly decorated at the edges only. It is important that there is as much space as possible between the lower and upper cabinets, so that all household appliances can be accommodated in them. American style is a mixture of classic and delicate modern motifs with wood. The island’s built-in bar area creates a truly American feel to any home by adding tall bar stools. It is important that the American-style kitchen is not limited to a small area, because the island is an integral part of meetings with the family during each meal. You can learn about inspirations from all over the great ocean at What can we meet in American kitchens?

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Interior in American style – kitchen with island and bar chairs

The most important point is that the American-style kitchen is usually located in the back of the house. American homes are often much larger than European homes, and thus allow more kitchen space. The American-style kitchen sometimes resembles the interior of pubs associated with American entertainment. It is best illustrated by the high bar stools on the island, so that in the kitchen you can feel the atmosphere associated with spending time among friends. American kitchens also provide adequate lighting that enters through the window and through appropriate artificial lighting. Thanks to good lighting, the kitchen seems more spacious. Furniture with wooden facades has become more and more noticeable and gives it a special class. American cuisine focuses on quality, room size, and modern style. The kitchen with American flair is always combined with the dining room or living room in order to create an unusual atmosphere of family closeness, spending time with the closest group whenever possible. This also underscores Americans’ openness – preparing dishes together is part of a long tradition among them.

The classic rooms and their modern arrangement are a unique combination, so it is worth getting inspired as much as possible to reflect the American style in Polish homes –

Change the face of your kitchen – choose American-style comfort

In American cuisine, you can feel a breath of freshness, classicism, and an attachment to traditional arrangements. This is why the American style kitchen has stood out so much among the trends in recent years and is a style that is often chosen in modern homes. American kitchen means large areas, on the island and in the main part of the furniture there is a table top with benches. Usually, Americans choose classic-style cookers, complementing each other in color or slightly mixing. Refrigerators, like cooking appliances, are often separate appliances. They often feature double and wide doors in keeping with the American style. American kitchen cabinets are often made in the style of “Shaker Cabinets” – made in a simple, traditional style that suits both vintage and modern décor. In American kitchens there is a lot of everything, so that it is convenient to use and can accommodate as much kitchen equipment as possible.

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When deciding on an American-style kitchen, pay attention to all the secrets that you need to know in order to be able to build such a large room, which is undoubtedly an American kitchen – It is better if the kitchen is located in a spacious place on the ground floor and is connected to other rooms. If you want a minimalist American style resulting from the simplicity of arrangement in your home, check catalogs, find the right products tailored to your expectations and create the kitchen of your dreams, just like in an American chain.