Microsoft is preparing to tighten the look of Windows 10. It will appear as a 21H2 major update called Sun Valley ??. One of the most noticeable changes will be “floating”. Start menu, which will not have a connection to the taskbar. The menu window is also supposed to have a round interface, meaning the registry will come full circle (Windows XP and 7 didn’t have corner windows).

The graphical changes will also cover the flyout and the search field. It is also believed that tiles can be rounded, and Microsoft is also working on changes to the appearance of the notification window and the calendar. The new listings display the latest entries by Zac Bowden (Installer and editor On Windows Central):

many Leaks Made it possible to simulate the Windows 10 interface. Images included in the information on the website Windows is newer They are not screenshots, they are just the work of a graphic artist. Although such an appearance can be quite bearable when looking at the visual aspect 10x windows. They were the competitor’s trailers for Chrome OS prepared by Microsoft that you can see for the first time zaokrglenia i wyspowe the list.

Work is underway on a new face of the Windows 10 interface completion in June. Soon, Insider program participants will probably see the first changes. Windows 10 users should receive the 21H2 update in October of this year. Let’s hope there is no more Problems.

10x windows

A simplified and lightweight version of the system designed for mobile devices. Its focus is on energy efficiency and online services. It will have a free version and a subscription with extended CloudPC functionality. The first Windows 10X computers are expected to hit stores in Spring 2021.

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