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Folk music, singing of “Waving the Grain Fields” and dozens of guests clutching shovels – including the president and bishop. Thus began the expansion of the hospital in Włocławek in the amount of PLN 155 million.

Agreement to expand the hospital in buildings B4 and B4A z Budimix company (the same station building the new railway station in Włocławek) was signed in June. so called “hospital heart With emergency department and operating room.

Today (September 21) Construction has officially opened worth 155 million PLN.


Big celebration and crowd of guests

The beginning of the construction was very solemn. Among other things, there was Krzysztof Wętkowski, Bishop of Włocławek (who dedicated the construction site), Marshal Piotr Kaipeki, President Marek Wijtkowski and his deputies – Domicela Kopaczewska and Monika Jabłońska, City Council membersAnd hospital administrators from neighboring cities too Hospital staff and patients. The musical setting was provided by the Kujawy Song and Dance Ensemble.

Before digging into the first bulldozer at the construction site, the field marshal told the hospital director Carolina Wells Clock to measure the time until the end of the investment (June 30, 2023) and Helmet to protect her from trouble related to the construction of new buildings.

The project includes the implementation of this investment in two phases. Today we start the first, and the most important, because in fact, the HED, the operating room – everything that builds the heart of the hospital. Without these basic functions, there can be no multi-specialty hospital

– said the marshal.

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About Ramzi construction start And driving the first shovel (and even a few shovels) guests were invited. They started working, among other things Włocławek Mayor, BishopMarshals, consultants, hospital management and staff.


What will change in the hospital?

The new main hospital building will be built in Włocławek One of the suitesthat will be demolished.

It will be located on the ground floor Hospital emergency ward And Anesthesia and Intensive Care Unit. They will be on the first floor Department of Obstetrics and Departments of Obstetrics and Gynecology and New Born. The second floor is a space for suites Orthopedics, Traumatology and General Surgery.

It consists of seven treatment rooms Integrated operating room It will be on the third floor. You will be next to him Department of Neurosurgery. The last and fourth floors are designed as an art space, housing, among other things the facility’s ventilation and air conditioning machines.

It will be the culmination of the building Platform with medical helipadAnd in the basement there will be Hospital pharmacy, central sterilization room and hospital disinfection.

elbow cubing close 100 thousand cubic metersThe usable area is 20 thousand square metres.

The investment cost, which also includes the construction of a new oxygen generation plant and other technical buildings as well as land development, is 155 million PLN (170 million PLN with equipment). Architectural design created in studio bass projectR., the author is Małgorzata Golenko.

The financial assembly consists of Boycott self-government funds (As part of the second phase of the Century Medical Package, funded by an EIB aid loan) and a subsidy from the Regional Operational Program (EU Financing Perspective 2014-2020).

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