Kostas Tsimikas must have thought all birthdays had come on the spot when he joined Liverpool last summer.

The 24-year-old only had one season as a first choice under his belt at Olympiacos when the Reds came along.

However Andy Robertson One of the best left-back in the world, and undisputedly as yourgen clubThe first choice for him, he knew he wouldn’t get a similar status at Anfield, but it was an opportunity he could not bear to turn down.

After all, what player would not dream of playing in the Premier League and world champions?

However, even with the realization that opportunities on Merseyside will be limited, the Greek international is not enjoying his start. Liverpool The profession he envisioned.

The left-back is yet to play in the Premier League and after suffering an injury in his debut against Lincoln City, he is set to miss again after being forced out against Midgeland with an ankle injury.

In the fourth month of his career with the Reds, Tsimikas He has only played four matches so far, with three in the Champions League.

But the reality is that such a number will likely be lower in the “normal” season as the parties are not allowed to make five substitutions due to the increased crowding of matches in a shortened campaign due to the coronavirus pandemic.

* Who was the Liverpool man in the Liverpool match against Midgeland? vote Here

In his club’s rare matches so far, Liverpool fans have seen both sides of the Tsimikas match.

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The Greek is not shy of rushing forward and supporting the attack, although he has not really shown the crossing ability he has shown in his home country and on loan in the Netherlands.

There was even an example of astonishing performance when he attempted an ambitious overhead kick in Denmark, although the end was typical of a left-back.

However, he found himself targeted in the defense against both Atalanta and Medjelland.

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Josip Ilich lost to score the opening goal for the first at Anfield last month and was withdrawn shortly thereafter, while the Danes were constantly looking to be late on Wednesday evening.

Before Midtjylland’s equalizer, Tsimikas was thanking Fabinho for skipping the astonishing goal line to disqualify Sory Kaba after the Danes hit behind him with Dion Cools in a cross to the tall striker.

Coming from Greek football, he always took fullbacks to adapt. He just has to look around the Liverpool team, to his team-mates Andy Robertson, Fabinho and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain to see the players who took their time to get on their feet at Anfield.

But while there was a place in the Reds to grab all of the aforementioned trio, Tsimikas were not accorded such luxuries.

At Robertson, he found one of the best left-back players in Europe ahead of him in a standings with a Scot who is arguably in the best form of his Liverpool career.

Whether it was the result of winning the Premier League last year, leading his country to Euro 2020 or in response to normal competition, only the left-back can tell you.

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Of course, adjusting Greece has become more difficult due to Liverpool’s defensive injury crisis, ensuring that there is no stability on his side.

Long-standing knee injuries for Virgil van Dijk and Joe Gomez led to an ever-changing center back partnership, while Allison’s dismissal would only lead to greater uncertainty despite Cowimhen Kelleher’s impressive performances.

But despite all plausible explanations for his slow start to Liverpool, for Tsemikas, for him to face any chance of being seen as more than just a backup option at Anfield, such defensive lapses must be eliminated.

It was this trait that ultimately cost Alberto Moreno his career with Liverpool, appearing in the second half faintly in the Europa League final against Sevilla in 2016, leading to James Milner playing as a left back for a season.

Of course, the Spaniard responded well to regain his place the following year before an injury finally gave Robertson his chance, as the Scotsman never seemed to give up his place in the three years since.

That hasn’t changed since Tsimikas’ arrival in August, but both the Scotland International and Moreno offer the perfect lesson to the Greek.

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Both players had to fight for a place in Klopp’s starting line-up, and the difference between them was the difference between success and failure at Anfield.

It is still too early in Tsimikas’ career with Liverpool and it is too early to write off the £ 11.75m player. It will appear, if it is him Recent Instagram activity Whatever he goes through, he is determined to make his mark.

As a busy festive period approaches, other chances will drop on his way as he returns with an ankle injury and awaits his Premier League debut.

But if Tsimikas wasn’t really aware, he now knows he faces the toughest task of any in Klopp’s current squad.