Giuseppe Chung and Olivia Green won the mixed competition, which concluded the first modern Futsal World Cup competition this season. The Magyars and Koreans were put behind them.

In the pool where the day’s competition started, Chung and Green each scored 01: 52.75 and took the lead. Ireland’s Arthur O’Keefe and Saif Brasil came second, followed by Japan’s Natsume Takamiya and Shu Onishi. The British did not perform well on the fencing board, as they finished sixth with 14 wins. Plazaszip and Simon Sarolta took advantage of this. The Hungarians with 16 wins achieved the second result and just accepted the UK pair. Exciting Guatemalan Jorge Emery and Sofia Cabrera finished with 18 victories.

However, the Guatemalan pair performed poorly in the park, scoring ninth and backing down to another. On the other hand, the British and Hungarians performed very well, slightly over the time limit and entering the group in the first two places with little time lag in favor of the host duo.

It seems that the Hungarians should calmly defend the leaders’ position, but their rivals ran faster by five seconds and at the finish line they were literally overpowered by Shadow. Over a minute later, Koreans Jihun Lee and Sunwoo Kim made it to the final streak. The Guatemalans hardly defended their fifth place, letting the Mexicans overtake them.

The Poles did not start to mix.

1. Great Britain
2. Hungary
3. South Korea

4. Mexico
5. Guatemala
6. Hungary II

7. Japan
8. Egypt

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