Giant air squad, Airbus helicopters, I just started a very interesting test with Flightlab. This is none other than the Airbus flight laboratory.

Airbus Aviation Laboratory

Powered by the H130 helicopter, this “laboratory” is in fact an advanced airborne test platform to produce a series of new autonomous systems aimed at implementing the next generation of aviation technology.

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Although technology tests have only officially begun now, the Flying Lab has been conducting urban acoustic tests with the French Civil Aviation Authority since last April. It does this to understand how people perceive helicopter noise and how buildings affect this perception.

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Currently, Flightlab is studying a number of new technologies designed to improve flight safety and operability. Talking about EAGLE, RSAS, HUMS, UAM, and czy EBS. It is respectively an obstacle detection system and 3D landing area reconstructions, a rotor impact warning system, a health monitoring system, new controls, an engine support system, a 100 kW drive system connected to the main rotor, which controls in case of engine failure.

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