On June 22, the US Supreme Court issued a ruling in the case Dobbs vs Jackson, who no longer treats abortion as a constitutional right.

Abortion is regulated only by state law

Consequently, the interpretation of the rulings in this case, as provided in Roe v. Wade, which has been in effect since 1973, has been contested.

In practice, this means that the issue of pregnancy termination will no longer be subject to federal law, but to state law. In other words, abortion laws will be in the hands of state governments.

Immediately after the Supreme Court ruling, the authorities of about half of the states introduced or announced the introduction of regulations protecting prenatal life.

Decree to limit the effects of the ruling

The groundbreaking ruling and legislative changes mentioned above were met with strong opposition from the Democratic Party and the administration of President Joe Biden. Measures to address illegal abortion have been announced.

Biden signed the decree last weekWhich aims, among other things, to secure access to medical abortion or to provide free legal aid to women who want an abortion.

Abortion supporters with a majority in the House of Representatives

The Deutsche Welle website reported that on Friday, July 15, the House of Representatives voted to restore the legality of abortion nationwide. These are two bills initiated by the Democratic Party.

The first would legalize abortion at the federal level, and the second would ensure that women who perform abortions are not criminalized in another state.

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– Because Republicans in Congress and the courts and [inni – red.] Across the country they are trying to punish and control women, and Democrats respect a basic truth: The most special decisions about women’s health are theirs, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat, said before the vote.

Bills will be submitted to the Senate

The bills will now go to the Senate, the upper house of the US Parliament.

Given the fact that more than half of the seats there are held by Republican politicians — who overwhelmingly agree with the Supreme Court’s June ruling — the chances of a vote on the Democrats’ initiative are close to zero.

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