Wednesday sigm Adopted with the amendment of the Senate the amendment of the Code of Administrative Procedure, according to which, 30 years after the issuance of the administrative decision, it will be impossible to appeal, for example in the case of property confiscated years ago. The law was signed by President Andrzej Duda.

The provisions adopted by the House of Representatives state that it will not be possible to reverse any administrative decision in this regard, even if it was issued in violation of the law, if 10 years have passed since its delivery or publication. Under the law, all administrative procedures are also suspended if 30 years have passed since the decision was issued.

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Amending the administrative law. Opposing voices

Minister of Foreign Affairs United States of America This week, Anthony Blinken expressed his “deep concern” about the amendment’s adoption. As he said, “The Polish parliament passed a law severely restricting the return of property to Holocaust survivors and those whose property was confiscated during communism.”

Blinkin demanded that President Andrzej Duda veto or direct the bill Constitutional Court. He added that “a sense of justice can only be guaranteed by a comprehensive law that resolves the issue of claims.”

Edit sim kpa. The immediate reaction of Israel and the United States. “I am convicted!”

Dozens of US senators also demanded a veto in a letter they sent to the president. Jacob Komus, Head of the Office of International Policy in the President’s Chancellery, In reply sent to Senators He explained, inter alia, that “the possibility of appealing the decisions of public authorities cannot have an unlimited time frame.”

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“I would like to assure you that people who have been deprived of their property by the communist authorities will still be able to apply for compensation in the civil manner,” he added.

The Israeli side also expressed its objection. “The State of Israel will not compromise on the memory of the Holocaust. I condemn the Polish House of Representatives law that was adopted, which violates the memory of the Holocaust and the rights of its victims,” ​​said Yair Lapid, speaker of the Israeli parliament. MSZ.