Police are dealing with a security incident involving a small number of stealthy travelers on an oil tanker off the Isle of Wight, Sky News understands.

“We believe that at least six stealth travelers have been discovered at some point today,” said Mark White, a Sky Home Affairs correspondent.

There are reports that the crew is sheltering at certain points on the ship. “

Police are dealing with a “continuing incident” off the southern coast of the Isle of Wight. Pic: MarineTraffic.com

The authorities are still trying to determine the exact circumstances of the accident, but local reports indicate that it may have been an attempted kidnapping.

The Nave Andromeda was scheduled to dock in Southampton this morning and a Coast Guard helicopter was flying over the ship.

There is now a restricted area of ​​five nautical miles around the ship.

Police also deployed their own helicopter over the Isle of Wight.

The 228-meter ship was carrying 42,000 tons of crude oil and left Nigeria on October 6 before heading to Southampton.

Pic: MarineTraffic.com
The ship had left Nigeria and was heading towards Southampton. Pic: MarineTraffic.com

The ship made several meanders around the area off the Isle of Wight within two hours, according to Marine Traffic.

If the crew were already sheltering aboard the ship, they might be on the ship’s bridge, according to Mark White Skees

They will be able to lock the area around the bridge to make it safe.