This floating stick is probably unlike any you’ve seen before. Kate Herod, owner of Just Call Kate Mobile Libations, joined us today to share how she was able to turn a Piaggio Ape from 1982 into a fun new business.

1. Tell me about your experience and how you found yourself in this profession.

I am a graduate of Indiana University. She graduated in Hotel and Tourism Management, majoring in Ecotourism, Parks and Recreation. I have been working in some areas of service since the age of 14. I have worked in pizzerias, Hilton hotels, Marriott/White Lodging, and in an investment/hotel management firm as an Executive Assistant. Although I liked most aspects of each of these jobs, I was ready for something else but wasn’t sure what it was. During a summer 2020 handover, I found myself looking at old photos from my trip to Italy, a place I’d like to go back to. I found a picture of myself attached in San Gimignano, Italy, and my memories popped up. Conversations with a friend about how cool it would be to own a Biagio monkey and do “something” with him. Then I realized, “That’s something else for me.”

I started researching what the monkeys use now. Moving bars are spreading all over Europe and now this trend is already taking hold in the United States. I find that US homeowners have a variety of moving girders – from refurbished horse trailers to vintage dairy trucks. I started looking for Biagio’s monkey and never came back.

2. Tell me about your vehicle, where did it come from?

My 1982 Biagio Monkey has come a long way. I worked with a company that traveled from their location in Poland to the Campobasso region of Italy, loaded my baby in a trailer and went back to Poland to start the design/renovation process.

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