This method of communicating with the faithful was decided by the priests of the saint’s parish. Andre Popula in Lublin.

The virtual Christmas carol, according to the parish priest of Saint Peter’s. André Popula Sr. Miroswave Haddinak is a way to meet the faithful and pray with them for the blessing of God for all the parishioners and their relatives. – We want to realize that we are together – says the father. Merrick

The virtual space that connects chant participants online is as a way to be with God.

To enter the Hymn Well, the parish priest invites you first to listen to the Bible that will help you understand the meaning of everyday life. Later, he remembers the words of the Lord Jesus, who promises that everyone who builds on the rock, despite adversity, is never alone. – Let us realize that with him we are able to overcome any difficulties and transfer any burdens and that we want to build our lives on him. Today we encourage you to do so as part of this pastoral visit – let us trust him!

Through hypothetical hymns, there is no shortage of common prayers for believers, prayers for the dead and prayers for all parishioners. As priests give everyone the blessing of hymns.

Heads of families are invited to bless homes with holy water. The virtual pastoral visit ends with common hymns.




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