Microsoft is very slowly making changes to the look of Windows 10, which is a change thanks to the new strategy the company intends to adopt. When will that happen? It’s hard to say, but preparations are underway.

Windows is back

It was just a slogan One of the job offersMicrosoft has posted on its job pages with the company. The vacancy description for a software engineer position on the Windows Core User Experiences team revealed that the giant from Redmond intends to take seriously the visual changes in Windows 10 operating system.

At first, the description mentioned the father. “A broad visual revamp of the Windows environment”, Which “To indicate to customers that Windows OS is BACK and that it offers the best OS experience.”

At the moment, it is pointless to look up the aforementioned words in the aforementioned ad, because someone at Microsoft realized that the note spoke a lot about the company’s intentions and had time to amend the description, leaving more generic terms about the future work of a software engineer. However, nothing is lost on the internet, which makes Microsoft’s intentions quite clear now.

Fluent design is born out of pain

Promises – good things

Current appearance Windows 10 operating system It’s an odd mix of well-known solutions from Windows 98, icons dating back to Windows XP memory, transparent bars from Vista and square tiles all over the place from Windows 8. Microsoft has been announcing for years Turn this mixture of patterns inside out and unify system design thanks to a consistent visual language Elaborate designBut he walks like a dog to a hedgehog.

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Windows are 35 years old.  How many Poles are using the latest version?

Something will likely move to the end about it, as Panos Panay re-chaired the Windows development team in October of last year, and we’re increasingly hearing information about the visual modification of various system components. Some of them are true 10x windowsBut at least some will hack the full Windows 10 system.

Microsoft plans to recreate the Start menu, File Explorer, built-in system apps, Control Panel, and organize and display the system tray or notifications. Everything serves one purpose – it relates This makes the system visually smoother.

Rumors suggest that Windows 10’s appearance will change at the end of 2021. It’s a deadline at least, but on the other hand – we’ve waited too long anyway.