Marcin and Rona, TVN24 correspondent in the US, announced that construction of a tall fence has begun around the Capitol. – This is a wall that cannot be jumped, and it is a wall that the protesters will not be able to penetrate. It was built at lightning speed. (…) This wall is growing and I think it will surround the entire Capitol in a few hours. (…) National Guard z Washington At her feet, the soldiers were dragged into the vicinity of the Capitol, but not only [oni – przyp. red.], Also branches the police – He said.

Now about the Capitol – National Guard soldiers. Work began on the construction of a high wall. (…) A portion of the Capitol is already fenced off from the rest of Washington

– Books on Twitter.

How did this happen? The Capitol is guarded by a special police force

Riots in the United States

The US Congress met on January 6 to approve Joe Biden’s victory in the elections presidential. The deliberations stalled because supporters of Donald Trump stormed the Capitol. The US President himself encouraged them to “march”. Four people were killed as a result of the riots and 52 were arrested.

In the American media, questions are growing about whether the services response during the storming of Donald Trump supporters is sufficient. Journalists wonder how the riots could not have been prevented and why some officers took pictures with the protesters. There are also comparisons to Protest Black lives matter, as the service response has been more acute, even though protesters have not invaded the Capitol.

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Until January 21, the day after Joe Biden is sworn in President The United States, there is a state of emergency in Washington.

Rudy GiulianiGiuliani tried to buy time for Trump but called the wrong number. The recording was leaked

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Trump supporters raided the Capitol building