heat strokeAccording to NASA’s forecast, it may take place on Tuesday, July 19, or in the following days, July 20 or 21.

It may also be visible in some areas of the Earth dawn.

According to the “Al-Mustaklal” website, the solar storm arose as a result of the release of plasma and magnetic energy from the sun, which occurred on July 15. Over the weekend, a massive structure of plasma and magnetic field called “prominence” separated from the Sun.

“The sheer scale of the fame is impressive,” says Dr. Sebastian Voltmeier, who captured this phenomenon. “It was amazing to see the very fast-moving part of this explosion,” the scientist was quoted as saying by The Independent.

Such explosions are capable of releasing 100,000. times the energy that all power plants on Earth generate in one year.

When solar storms appear Sun In the active phase of the 11-year solar cycle. Scientists expect this phenomenon to become more frequent.

Powerful solar storms can have severe effects on human activities. Some studies suggest that satellites fall out of their orbits due to increased solar wind activity, and that smaller units, known as CubeSats, may be completely destroyed.

Scientists can predict solar storms by observing the maximum rate of increase in sunspot activity. This process shows how powerful the next cycle will be. Thanks to this, we can secure our power networks, communication equipment and the Internet in advance.

Source: “The Independent”

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