He participates in meetings and actions promoting ecology and environmental knowledge – especially ornithology, and comments on current environmental events, and has already written over 50 articles and three popular science books. The activities of a doctoral student at Białystok University, Adam Zubiri, for the protection of nature were appreciated by the organizers of the Science Popularizer 2021 competition. A representative of the largest university in Podlasie was nominated for the prize in the animation category.

Adam Zberit has worked in the Forestry Inspectorate, Bureau and NGO, and is currently associated with the university. It concerns people from all walks of life and environmental scientists and practitioners.

I know what knowledge each possesses, what drives them, and thus – how to pass information between them – He says.

“He published natural sciences on Facebook and in the media: regional and national. He also writes excellent books” – so was Adam Zberit, who is attached to the Faculty of Biology of Bialystok University, and is currently a doctoral student at the doctoral school. From the exact and natural sciences at Bialystok University, Science in Poland presents on the website of the Polish Press Agency. PAP, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science, is organizing the Science Popularizer competition.

Adam Zberit was among the finalists for this year’s edition in the Animation category.

I am happy with this distinction, the more intense the competition in this area. More and more people in our country are engaged in the popularization of science, and the level of these activities is really high. It is an honor to be in such a group and a nice appreciation for my work so far – says UWB doctoral student.

He participated in the dissemination of science for several years. As the Nauka w Polsce service reminds us, Adam Zbyryt has appeared as a guest on dozens of programs from Polish Radio Biaystok and Polish Radio Czwórka, and since March 2021 has been collaborating with Radio 357 on a series of Monday broadcasts as one (next to Marcin Cichoński) of “Two Persons from the Woods”. He also runs his own program on nature, inviting experts from various fields to talk about wolves, invasive species, urban meadows, and therapeutic ornithology, or white storks. He has also written more than 50 famous scientific articles on nature and three books on popular science.

Adam Zberit also participates in periodic meetings on environmental topics (mainly ornithology), for example as part of the educational course “Afternoon coffee with milk” at the Faculty of Biology of Bialystok University, giving lectures on nature during Biologists’ Night, March Encounters with Science and Creative Conversations about Science. He expresses himself and comments on the current natural events for the media.

I really appreciate the collaboration with Radio 357, which gave me the opportunity to speak about nature to a wider audience. They are demanding and educated listeners and appreciate the culture of words and the quality of speech. I am very pleased with the positive reception. Besides, I would be lying if I said that I am not proud of my science books. I put a lot of time, heart and passion into all of them. I think that’s how you read it. They have a good reception and positive comments – Adds Adam Zberit.

When asked if it was easy to talk about nature and its protection, she replied:

It depends on the topic I’m talking about. When I speak of curiosities from the natural world, the latest scientific discoveries, especially those that change our current perception of the phenomenon, are met with great enthusiasm and interest on the part of the public. However, when I touch on more controversial topics, such as bird hunting, and the idea of ​​re-hunting elk and wolves, there are always feelings from some audiences. When I talk about an issue, I always strive to build my knowledge on existing knowledge and to avoid emotions. Of course, it is not always easy to do this, but I think I made it.

The Popularizer of Science is the oldest and most famous competition in Poland, where scientists, media professionals, institutions and community activists who are eager to share knowledge and reveal the secrets of modern science to people not connected to the academic community are awarded.

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In previous editions of the competition, representatives of Białystok University were also among the finalists and distinguished. In 2014, university spokesperson Katarzyna Dzidjek received Ed Tomasz Terczynski for the Model Information Policy. In 2017, Mariana Kozlowska and Bowie Zorc were in the final of the competition.

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