The disciples of the Lord were already tormented by questions about good prayer, as evidenced by the Gospel passage according to the saint. Luke: “When Jesus was in a certain place praying, and he had finished praying, one of his disciples said to him, ‘Teach us, Lord, to pray as John taught his disciples’ (11:1). Here are 5 helpful tips for good prayer.

first place

The place of prayer is the first topic that we need to pay attention to. As Jesus himself taught us: “If you want to pray, go into your little room, shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret” (Matthew 6:6). A proper place for prayer, far from the hustle and bustle, and the hustle and bustle spread everywhere, is the basis of a good conversation with God. When Jesus calls us to prayer, He wants it to be a personal encounter with love. We can pray in church, church, but also in our house or even in the garden. Let’s find a quiet and lonely place and let us desire an encounter with God Himself. This desire is half the battle.

2 times

Is any time a good time to pray? Perhaps, but it is better to find the right moment that will allow us to stay with God for a long time. Of course, I do not question the blessings that flow from high deeds or short sighs to God, for example while at work. However, let’s focus on a longer prayer. You should only make time for God in your busy day. Then let’s put other things aside, silence the smartphone, block notifications from Facebook and Instagram and let’s just spend time on the Creator. I know it’s much easier to like more photos of friends, but by finding at least 15 minutes a day to have an intimate conversation with the God of the universe, we can gain much more than likes from friends.

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3. Atmosphere

Once we have the time and place to pray, we need to take care of the prevailing atmosphere. Silence is where God speaks the loudest. Let’s turn off any playing devices, let’s kneel or sit down when kneeling is annoying. Talking to God isn’t about groaning in pain, it’s about focusing on Him – you can repent differently, like fasting. It may also be helpful to light a candle as a sign of the “light of Christ.” This external action will help us realize that in the room we are in is God Himself, and that in a moment we will enter into an extraordinary and intimate relationship with the Creator Himself. It is also worth placing a cross or an image in the line of sight, for example, the Merciful Jesus. This will help us focus on Him and remember His constant presence.

4. Awareness

Let us at the beginning of the prayer realize its true meaning. Prayer is not reading phrases learned from memory, repeated like a mantra on the wall. Prayer is a place where we meet with God Himself. Of course, well-known prayers, such as the Rosary of Divine Mercy or the Rosary, are a beautiful form of communication with Him also through the hands of Mary, but we cannot lose sight of the true meaning of speaking with God. Prayer is a means to an end, not an end in itself. The end in itself is to meet our Savior. It is also important to constantly remember your true identity before praying. Since God is a loving Father, I am His beloved Son, who will never reject or reject Him. When we kneel to pray recognizing His unfathomable presence (not limited to time or place), in the place where we pray, and that we are children of God Himself – we create opportunities for a beautiful prayer meeting in it. His love will embrace us, transform and renew.

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5. Listen

When we are properly prepared, we do not care about the rush of the world and focus only on God. When we begin to pray, we must not forget one thing – to listen to the Creator. Prayer is a conversation, and a conversation is a relationship between two or more people. Prayer is not a monologue but a dialogue. Let us give the Holy Spirit a chance to speak to us. He’s really talking, we just have to let him do it. It is also worth including a short reading and meditation on God’s Word in our prayers. Let’s choose one paragraph, and as we read it, think about what God is telling us through these words. We can also, using modern technologies, run “Online Adoration” on our laptop and silently worship God hidden in the Eucharist. There are many ways to meet God in a fruitful way, but each of us, with the help of the Holy Spirit, must find our own way. Jesus wants to change our hearts, renew us, strengthen us, comfort us, and raise us from our fall. After all, he assured us that he would be with us all days, until the end of the world. He knows our insides very well. Let’s tell him our needs, our fears, and our requests, but let’s leave him room to work. He really cares about us

Prayer for peace from St. John Paul II

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