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A wonderful discovery by NASA. ‘Mars earthquake’

The probe has been on Mars since November 2018, which is approximately 3.5 years (or more than 1,200 sols). He studies the surface and interior of the Red Planet on a daily basis, but from time to time he will surprise us by sending an interesting picture to Earth (which rover is more famous for than Insight).

The probe recorded the sunrise from the surface of Mars

This time around, the rover’s camera captured a sunrise from Mars in a series of images. Then the researchers put them together into a short video that they posted as a gif on Twitter. From this perspective, our star today appears to be much smaller than the star visible from the Earth’s surface.

I will never get bored of the sunrise on Mars. Every morning, this distant point climbs higher and higher in the sky giving me the energy for another round of listening to the bangs under my feet

Posted on the mission’s Twitter profile.

The authors of the tweet emphasized the importance of the following “portions” of solar energy you receive every day for the lander. Unlike For Perseverance and Curiosity roving, radioisotope and thermoelectric generators, InSight uses only solar energy.

Interestingly, about a year ago, InSight had very serious problems on the surface of Mars. NASA I had to suspend the search for a while and put the equipment to sleep, because the solar panels covered in a thick layer of Martian dust didn’t provide the right amount of power. Electricity. Fortunately, the issues were resolved and InSight resumed the search.

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Thanks to this mission, scientists were able to establish the existence of “Mars earthquakes” on the Red Planet, which – as it turned out later – are very common there. It’s also very powerful (although not the same as on Earth). The magnitude of the earthquakes in mid-2021 was 4.2.

Some people also associate the InSight mission with something called polishing “Mole”, that is, the hacker, who was supposed to dig a five-meter hole in the surface of the planet. Unfortunately – due to the surface structure being different from what was expected before the old NASA – The task could not be completed and the idea was eventually abandoned.

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