The creator and creator of the event is Grzegorz Rożalski, a racing driver, extreme sports enthusiast, visionary and entrepreneur. More than 10 years ago, he created a brand whose idea seemed strange in Poland, despite its popularity in the United States.

It was the presentation of this brand, giving gifts in the form of unforgettable experiences, impressions and adrenaline. The idea was a bull’s-eye, but Grzegorz was not content with his laurels, and began work on creating other brands – GO-Racing and exp-pro. In February 2022, the Funzeum in Gliwice, of which Emotivo was the main investor, was opened. The result of continuous development and achieving new goals is to work on something that no one in Poland has accomplished (again!) – commercial driving behind the wheel of an F1 car.

“The unique and extreme sentiment at Anderstorp Track turned into a decision – if these trips are possible in Sweden and Finland, it is also possible in Poland,” says Grzegorz Rożalski, CEO of Emotivo Sp. z oo Although such a statement sounds trivial, he said, it did.

The love of motorsports and the experience of a racing driver made the idea of ​​another brand not only a goal, but also a dream of Grzegorz Rożalski. Throughout the development of the Formula Drive brand, he not only personally coordinated the work of the team, but also worked with them. For several months of visits and business talks, cooperation with companies from seven European countries (Great Britain, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden and Poland) began. While working on the brand, he and his team overcame many challenges. The brand bought four 2000 Renaults, although it seems that there are only two in the aftermarket. Formula Drive has taken over the two-seat F1 car, although F1 cars are one-seater. Her technical team has also created an F1 simulator that moves in two axes – although no one has done so in Eastern Europe yet. Finally, Formula Drive teamed up with Johan Rajamaki’s team from Sweden, even though the team was theoretically its rival.

“The Formula Drive event is an event for true motorsports enthusiasts. It will be an extraordinary opportunity to drive a machine with a 650 HP engine – the F1 Williams FW29. As part of the event we guarantee a full day training package on the track, driving Renault 2000 cars and driving F1 cars. After approx. From a year of hard work we are only left, with other F1 fans, to get behind the wheel and feel the emotions like Nico Rosberg and Alexander Wurz. It is worth noting that this year’s event has only 62 places left.” – says Grzegorz Rożalski, creator and creator of the format.

Formula Drive, an event that allows you to drive a Formula 1 car, will take place this summer (2-4 June and 9-11 July) at Circuit Silesia Circuit. It will be the first such event in Poland.

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