The mysterious object was first revealed to scientists in 2011. Then they announced that they had discovered a star that had suddenly become 200 times brighter. used ground-based telescopes However, they did not provide quality data that would allow a clear understanding of the genesis of this phenomenon.

Now his research has been taken up by two groups of scientists who have analyzed the data collected by Hubble Space Telescope During that period. The results presented in two scientific publications have been amazing.

First post by Astrophysical Journal indicates that we are dealing with it Black hole Seven times the mass of the Sun. The second group of scholars does not seem to deny this view, but rather adds to it a more important message. In a post in Astrophysical Journal Letters It has been suggested that we are dealing with a super-light black hole, or neutron star.

In addition to the bending of the distant star’s light rays, groups of scientists have also noticed that its location has changed little over the course of several years. team led Kailasha Sahuastrological with Space Telescope Science Institute In Baltimore, he concluded that the displacement is caused by the thing seven times heavier than the sun.

A star of this mass will not escape researchers when analyzing images from cosmic telescope Hubble. Despite this, scientists have seen nothing. This is one of the indicators that have been observed The presence of a black hole.

The second group of scientists led by an astronomer Caseya Lama From the University of California, Berkeley, they came to a different conclusion. According to their calculations, the mass of the object that bends the image of the star was smaller, between two and four times the mass of the Sun. According to the group, it can be a black hole and a neutron star.

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