Are you ready for more spooky scenes with Mrs. Demetrisko in the lead role? The second Resident Evil Expo will be held today, where Japanese developers will showcase new footage from Resident Evil Village. Are you going to watch the show? We invite you to enjoy together.

Will Lady Demetrisco steal the hearts of Resident Evil fans once again and make Resident Evil Village’s opponent make us look forward to Capcom’s horror even more? We’ll find out after 24:00. At such an unusual time, the second Resident Evil Showcase will begin, during which we will see new footage from the horror film.

The creators announced the introduction of the game, and it is possible that they will feature a new trailer announcing the events and You should provide the details of the second demo. Some players hope a portion of the game will be available overnight.

Resident Evil Showcase may be one of the last opportunities to watch the anticipated horror movie, as it will show Resident Evil Village in early May. In recent times, creators have often shared material from this post – Today we showed hunting mechanics first thing in the morning.