The Ukrainian Navy reported the attack on the Russian tug.

According to emerging data, the locomotive was equipped with the Tor air defense system. The weight of the tugboat “Vassily Beach” is 1605 tons. It became part of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in 2017.

In mid-May, this was reported by the representative of the Ukrainian Military Intelligence, Vadim Skepiki The Russians have deployed Tor-M2 and Pancir air defense systems on Snake Island in the Black Sea.

This is not the first attack of its kind. In early June, the “Southern” Ukrainian Operations Command reported that it had sunk two Russian high-speed amphibious ships. In Lyman Dnieper and Bohu, in the southern part of Ukraine.

Russian ships were supposed to take part in Russian sabotage and reconnaissance operations, but the Ukrainian artillery units sank in their bunker in Lyman, a shallow bay on the Black Sea coast into which the Dnieper and Buh rivers flow.

Meanwhile, in the Black Sea, three Russian ships are threatening to launch a missile attack on Ukrainian territory. However, no landing ships were observed there – they handed over the order “Południe”.

The Ukrainian command added that two other Russian Raptor patrol boats, which were previously hit, were towed from Snek Island to the Sevastopol base for repair.