Instead of going by car or motorhome, this couple chose the road trip in calc shift.

Shannon Orr, Longitude 24, Ian Cameron, Longitude 31, G Warrington, United kingdomScotland passed North Coast 500 In his 1998 Volvo 960 caravan with two dogs, Billy and Peanut, according to SWNS.

The jump attracted so much attention to the couple during their trip that they dubbed it “The Grim Sleeper” and even started an Instagram app the account To this end, the news agency reported.

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Orr told SWNS that she and Cameron originally planned to camp around the North Coast 500, but when they came across an advertisement for a camper online, they changed their minds.

24-year-old Shannon Orr and 31-year-old Ian Cameron from Warrington, UK drove their 1998 Volvo 960 500 across the Scottish coast.

They saw the converted caravan that was advertised on Facebook and purchased for $4,826 (£3,500).

“We saw it on Facebook and had to get it because it was something no one had seen before,” Orr told SWNS.

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According to SWNS, the couple paid $4,826 (£3,500) for a session that had already been transferred.

“We didn’t do any conversion,” Orr said. “We already bought one that has been converted, so unfortunately we can’t claim anything for it.”

“So far, we’ve only added Halloween characters on the dashboard, ducks on the door mirrors, and skeletons on the front and back,” Orr added.


She told SWNS that even though it’s a car, it runs like a regular car – even though it stands out from the parking lots.

Orr and Cameron plan to get their convoy "All our future travels," Ur said.

Orr said Orr and Cameron plan to use their hearts for “all of our future road trips.”

“I think this game is keeping people away from work because of its previous passengers,” Orr said. “But as a camper, it works really well when you run over that part.”

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Orr said Orr and Cameron plan to use their hearts for “all of our future road trips.” But, she added, they are still planning their next destination.

“I’m sure he’s going to get a lot of attention wherever we go,” Orr said.