Konami leaders are aware that FIFA’s advantage over their title is increasing and recently decided to rebrand Pro Evolution Soccer on eFootball. The name should be more unique and encourage players. However, with this action evaluated, let’s wait until the game’s premiere.

But for these two dominant players in virtual football, there must be a real competition – GOALS. The new title will be created in a free-to-play model, but in AAA (high budget production) mode, what does that mean in practice? First of all, it is focused on monetizing through online games, but it is available to everyone for free.

Interestingly, as the creators emphasize, GOALS is the preparation for esports. Perhaps no one will be surprised, because Andreas “bds” Thorstensson, co-founder of one of the world’s largest esports organizations – SK Gaming – is behind the project.

– I have over 5,000 FUT matches in FIFA and have been watching the esports scene for a long time. It hurts to realize how broken everything is, and nothing seems to get better. That is why we decided to fix it – boldly says Thorstensson.

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